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Nurturing a love of nature

Educational Groups

We offer animal-themed, curriculum-linked outreach sessions throughout the Isle of Wight for schools and other educational groups. With projected images of extraordinary animals, expert biological interpretation and personal anecdotes to bring their stories to life, this is a learning experience which will elicit curiosity and nurture a true love of nature. Please call or email if you would like more information. Prices start from £50 per class session. Please note that we do not use live animals.

Conservation Education consultancy for zoos and aquariums

We provide advice and practical support for zoos and aquariums wishing to further develop their conservation education programmes. We offer expert guidance with development of Conservation Education Plans which clearly link education activities with national and international standards and recommendations. Please contact us if you would like an informal chat about your requirements and to discuss consultancy rates.

Guest Speaker

We offer entertaining illustrated talks for WI groups, social clubs etc. There are several titles to choose from, including "The strange and wonderful life of a zoo educator", "Madagascar - jewel of the Indian Ocean" and "Tiger: Lord of the Forest". We are happy to come out to daytime or to evening meetings. If you would like more information, or to make a booking, please telephone or email us. Scroll down for our contact details. Prices start from £35.

About Zoologica

Zoologica's aim is to connect people of all ages to the natural world through inspirational educational experiences that elicit awe and wonder for wildlife and wild places.
Tracy Dove

Tracy Dove

Zoologica Conservation Education Practitioner and Consultant

Tracy is a Chartered Biologist and a Member of the Royal Society of Biology. A qualified teacher, she has extensive experience of providing conservation education in a zoo setting as well as in the field in Madagascar. She is the Education Advisor for the Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group, a highly-regarded conservation organisation which works in Eastern Madagascar. Tracy was Head of Education and Conservation in a popular UK zoo for fifteen years and served on the education committee of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA). She is also involved in practical field conservation on the Isle of Wight as a member of the Reddish Buff Moth conservation team.

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This is what professional colleagues say about us

Caroline Howard

Caroline Howard

Vice Chair, BIAZA Terrestrial Invertebrate Working Group

"Tracy is a super conservation educator & interpretation researcher. She has excellent industry knowledge and direct conservation experience. Cannot recommend enough."

Dr Karen Freeman

Dr Karen Freeman

Research Director, Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group

Tracy is one of the most inspirational communicators and educators I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her positive outlook and love for nature shine through in all she does. Not only does Tracy have an infectious enthusiasm and sense of fun in her teaching but she is also rigorous, knowledgeable and up to date with the latest research. She has a real skill for connecting with her audience, no matter what their background or level of prior knowledge and, as such, she is a great force for conservation. Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group have been extremely privileged to have Tracy as our Education Advisor since 2015 and she has helped build capacity within our education team at Parc Ivoloina and around the Betampona Strict Nature Reserve, working alongside the team to develop our evaluation methods, course content and teaching styles.

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